Utah Shrink Wrap Packaging Equipment and Supply

Impulse Sealers

Impulse Hand Sealers are among the best selling heat sealers in the United States. Each sealer is pre-tested in-house and has a warranty that guarantees dependability and durability.

Heat Tools

Use the heat shrink gun to touch up shrink wrap on assembly lines, activate adhesives while fabricating foam packing inserts and to loosen and remove packaging labels.

Shrink Wrap Film

This film has a high biaxial shrink of up to 40%. PVC is a very strong and flexible film that has lower heat requirements to shrink film (200 to 250 F) than Polyolefin (300 to 350 F); and meets requirements for secondary food contact: it is recommended that all fruit be washed before consumption.

Shrink Bags

Polyolefin Shrink Bags - Strong, puncture-resistant film molds well to any shaped product. Safe, odorless, noncorrosive.

Shrink Bands & Tubing

Seal spice and sauce jars, water bottles, pharmaceuticals and more. Clear 200 gauge PVC. Imprinted "Sealed For Your Protection."